Monday, October 24, 2011

A.R.C: The Book Angels Sing

As a newbie in the world of blogging, I am THRILLED to announce that I have received my first set of ARC's from publishers for review!!!

For those of you still wondering what an ARC is, allow me to explain...

An ARC, also known as a galley, is an Advanced Reading Copy of a book. Typically, these are uncorrected proofs, usually sent out to booksellers, reviewers (that's ME!), journalists, etc., in order to get the word out on an upcoming book.

Seriously, how freakin' awesome is that?!!  I guess I am excited because I can't get over the fact that my little dream of reviewing books is finally coming true :D

That being said, straight to work I go!

I hope my intensity (while reading) matches Edward Cullen's.

** Sidenote: My reviews for these books will be posted approximately 1-2 weeks before publication, so please make sure to check them out **


  1. The folks wanting you to review ARCs, galleys, etc will now begin to line up - my plan is to tell them all! Great look, very interesting posts. The YA world and readers and writers will be happy to know you have arrived.

  2. @The Word - Thank you! That means a lot :)

    @Alena - Well, I am excited to write them! I really love reading and sharing my thoughts with others :D


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